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when i first came across the life-size sculptures by greek artist, vally nomidou, i became completely intrigued, not only by the translucent quality she used to create depth in her layering technique, but also by the depth of story each sculpture is trying to tell.

constructed mainly from paper, cardboard, wire, paper towels, newspaper, handmade paper, PVA medium, and white wood glue, nomidou does an excellent job bringing the viewers in and allowing them to complete the story for themselves. i began to wonder about their lives and how they became broken figures that nomidou so expertly sculpts.



happy halloween! here are some free printable tags to help you celebrate. use them for scrapbooking or as gift tags. they look really great on colored paper!

[download id="15"]
if you like these or have an idea for a freebie you would like me to design, please let me know!


i was so touched when i stumbled upon this video i just had to share it. its funny how one day you can feel inspired to paste a photo on a wall and the next day you are making the world a better place.

that’s the story of 2011 ted prize, jr, a street artist who has captivated areas of the world not usually known for their adornment.

working with a team of volunteers, jr has traveled around the world bringing art to those who do not visit museums. by applying enormous black-and-white photo canvases to the buildings of the slums around paris, on the walls in the middle east, on decaying bridges in africa, and across the favelas of brazil, jr has brought art to people where they wouldn’t expect it and create it when they didn’t know they could.

in rio, he turned hillsides into dramatic visual landscape by applying images to the facades of favela homes. in kenya, for his “women are heroes,” project turned kibera into a stunning gallery of local faces.  and in israel and palestine, he mounted photos of a rabbi, imam and priest on walls across the region –- including the wall separating israel from the west bank.

remaining  anonymous jr, never shows his full face, reveals his name, or explains his huge portraits. his art inspires people to view the world differently and want to change it for the better.

if you’d like to get involved, anybody can upload a photo of him or herself for free to jr’s inside out project site. the team will then create a large print and send it back to you to display in your community.


Song & Dance

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Free Printable Scrapbooking Tags

free printable scrapbooking tags

hey, i have some more free printable tags for you. i kind of like these. i think they could be used for scrapbooking, craft projects or to simply use as a gift tag. [download id="14"] if you like these or have an idea for a freebie you would like me to design, please let me […]

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“Manga Farming” by Koshi Kawachi

Thumbnail image for “Manga Farming” by Koshi Kawachi

tokyo-based artist koshi kawachi recently demonstrated his “manga farming” technique. he recycles old manga comic books as a growing medium for vegetables. after unsuccessful attempts to grow spinach and carrots, kawachi hit the jackpot with radishes, whose spindly shoots echo the lines of the cartoon images in the magazine. this crop of radish sprouts are […]

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Free Digital Scrapbooking Saint Patrick’s Day Tag!

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happy saint patrick’s day! to add a little fun to your digital scrapbook memories, i’ve designed this tag. [download id="13"] and enjoy!

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The Fascinating Worlds of Surreal Artist – Jacek Yerka

Thumbnail image for The Fascinating Worlds of Surreal Artist – Jacek Yerka

jacek yerka was born in toruń, poland, in 1952 – where he later studied fine art and graphic design. while at university, yerka resisted the constant pressures of his instructors to adopt the less detailed, less realistic techniques continued to work in the classic, meticulous flemish style he still favors to this day. yerka graduated […]

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Forecasting Love

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how’s about a little love from etsy… 1. WhimseyDimples  2. cukorcookies  3. Xenotees  4. bekahjennings 5. orangethyme  6. topsyturvydesign

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Leaf Carving Art On Real Leaves

leaf carving image

simply incredible…such beautiful pictures carved into the leaves! natural leaf carving is the manual cutting and removal of a leaf’s surface to produce an art work on a leaf. the process of carving is performed by artists using tools to carefully remove the surface without cutting or removing the veins. the veins add detail into the […]

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