Creative and Fun Decorative Soaps

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take a look at these soap designs. clean never looked so fun! soap leaves cupcake soap handsoap lego soap mushroom soap candy apple soap soapsicles calla lily soap chirstmas light soap ipod soap frog soap

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Illustrations by Anna Anjos

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this week’s featured is brazilian artist anna anjos. she is an illustrator and graphic designer and has her own line of t-shirts, iphone and computer graphics, posters and wall graphics. want a free desktop wallpaper of her art? click here

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Extreme Halloween Pumpkin Carving

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fall has always been my favorite time of year and i always look forward to decorating for halloween. every september i promise myself that this is the year that i’m going to go all out and do a wonderful carved pumpkin display for my front porch. well, it’s the middle of october and once again […]

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Art and the Umbrella

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its a cold rainy day here in northern california. so let me brighten it with beautiful and creative art installations. even something simple as an umbrella can become spectacular. by Steven Haulenbeek by OzCollective installation in Greece by Sam Spenser installation in Melbourne installation in Shaghai “Rain” by Ingo Maurer paper umbrellas installlation in Seoul’s […]

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A Surreal Point of View

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i happened to stumble upon the beautiful body of work by russian artist alex andreyev and thought i would share it with you.

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How Green is Your Food?

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i don’t know if your a big fan of the abc’s show brothers & sisters, but i am. if you are too then you’ll remember sarah’s venture with the launching of the website greenatopia–a website that helped you calculate your environmental impact and how to live eco-friendly. i always thought that was such a good […]

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Facets by Hansa

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remodeling your bathroom? here’s a great facet by hansa.  this beautifully designed facet also has LED’s that change  color to reflect the water temperature letting you see if the water is hot or cold. they also design precise temperature controls for sinks, baths and showers.

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Free Desktop Wallpaper

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beautiful desktop wallpaper designs by Yoshihiro Moritake. click here to download.

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Compositions by Cassandra Jones

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Cassandra Jones has created a series of works composed of found snapshots. her photographic images are created by meticulously arranging photos she’s collected. the ornate, flocked patterns of her wallpaper installation are, in fact, carefully constructed collages of found images of pink flamingos. if you look closely at all the pieces here, you’ll find each […]

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Eat Your Words

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this toaster by sasha tseng is not only a little message board where you can write a quick little note, it also lets you toast it right onto your bread. great to send little reminders or love notes!!

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23 Beautifully Designed Book Covers

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i love to read and am often at a library or book store searching for a good book so i thought i’d pull together a collection of beautifully designed book covers that i find inspiring. hope you do too.

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